Mobster Rules

1) Players are only allowed to have one account, owning two or more accounts will result in all accounts being jailed and/or Permanent IP Ban - NO EXCEPTIONS!

2) You are responsible for whatever happens on your account, do not give out your password to anyone.

3) Children play this game, so keep it PG-13. Mild swearing will be permitted, but F-bombing, sexual vulgarities or excessive swearing will result in some time in Fed until you clean up your act.

4) Profile images with nudity, profanity, or otherwise offensive images will be removed, and may result in jail time.

5) We understand that you play other games, but do not advertise them here. You may get 1 warning, afterwards its to Alcatraz you go.

6) Do not spam the staffs mailbox, if you have a problem, message one of us once. They will deal with your problem in a timely manner, but do not mail them repeatedly, or mail multiple staff members.

7) Do not harrass other players, use common sense on this one, if you do not know when your crossing the line from fantasy into harrassment, assume that you are harrassing the other player. This will not be tolerated and will result in a stiff punishment.

(Harrassment is NOT defined as someone putting you in the Hospital over and over because they can, that is Part of the Game. There is also means of protection from this but that as well is also part of the game. We do indeed hope you can all get along but the Staff is not here to intervene in the Game nor with you as long as you are not breaking the rules. Remember it is Your Game! Make the Best of it!)

8) If a member of staff is bothering you for any unfair or just plain, wierd reason, mail Support.

9) is Currently in its Beta Stage of Testing, this means there may be bugs we have not yet found, if you happen to find one Contact support is to the left, report it to us with a detailed description of what happened and we will indeed get right on it. If you happen to find a flaw or a bug and exploit the site with it 3 things will happen.

1) Your Account will be Jailed.
2) You will be Banned Permanently.
3.) If the damage is severe enough a game roll-back will occur that will cause others to lose the time that they spent playing.

( This will be determined by the GodFather ultimately as to the actions taken as well as the severity of the damage to the game. )

10) Anyone from now on that accepts, receives, buys, or is given any Stolen Property or Money from exploitation will be banned as if they themselves are the exploiter!

11) Any form of cheating on - The use of macro programs, scripts, browser plugins or any type of software that allows for automation is strictly prohibited. We have systems in place that monitor all accounts for automation and we do not give second chances for macro abuse. Any Player caught cheating will be Jailed and Banned Immediately!

12) We do not censor personal messages - however, spam is not tolerated. Also, any references to real life situations or events, asking for personal information or asking for contact information of any kind is strictly prohibited.

13) Selling Accounts from is absolutely forbidden. There is no exception to this rule for any reason whatsoever. I will not even be asked about this rule as this was decided upon by the original LM Members and voted upon, and will remain throughout the game, any breaking of this rule will have that account permanently banned with 0% chance of reinstatement.

14) IF you happen to be offline for 30 days or more do not be surprized or amazed if you come back and have no account! The system is self-automated and has a cleaner that deletes inactive accounts. is not like other sites that wants to build up thousands of inactive useless members to appear larger than we are. If you want to play we are glad to have you here, if you no longer wish to play mail the Godfather that you wish your account removed and we will mark it for deletion. ( This rule does not apply if you have Donator Days currently the system will not delete you as long as your account has RM days! )

15) Common sense rules are not posted here, if you can not determine the difference between what is ok, and what is not, you should consider not interacting with other people until you do understand.

These rules are subject to change without notice, check them from time to time, as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.